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Filip Reese
Group Product Manager
Who writes user stories on your team? Depending on the team structure, product, and the nature of the work, the role that does the work of authoring user stories seems to vary a lot from company to company and team... (More)
Amit SahaThe Founding 100
Director of Product Management, DataStax
Hi everyone, What are the some best resources to learn about SaaS billing/Subscription Management/Invoices and Taxes? I'd love to learn the top challenges a start-up faces in this area while growing rapidly and what are the building blocks of a... (More)
Khurrum Ghori
Founder & CEO @PRUDSOL
Hi All My Name is Khurrum Ghori from Pakistan, I am CEO at Prudsol (Training & Consulting Company. Launching my new EdTech startup and working on Products Portfolio I would like to go to dinner either with Family/Friend OR Entrepreneurs.... (More)
Just started a product community across an entire line of business in a bank ๐Ÿ˜œ. Any pointers to keep everyone engaged? We're trying this out for 6 months and testing the hypothesis that creating a community will empower product professional... (More)