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Welcome to the Product Mastery Community! New here?
Welcome to the Product Mastery Community! New here?

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Weiting Bollu The Founding 100
Senior Product Manager @Assurance IQ
With so many individuals in this community representing various companies, I am curious about your product organization: 1. What's the company? 2. How many product managers are there? 3. How is it split across the product seniorities? (e.g. Individual Contributors... (More)
Came across this cool post "the Dangerous Animals of Product Management". Bet we have come across all these personas! Would love to hear thoughts on how you deal with them, especially the HiPPo?
A big thank you to all for attending the CPO Mastery Conference this week! It was great seeing member conversations in the live chat on LinkedIn as the event progressed. A couple of key phrases that jumped up during the... (More)
Kim Conti
Head of Product, Voice & Conversational AI @ RAIN
Hi everyone! I'm head of product at RAIN - a voice and conversational AI company. I'm leading the company by building out our product organization focused on custom voice assistants for the "deskless workforce". Happy to be here! Any other... (More)