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Agile Delivery
Agile Delivery

Welcome to the Agile Delivery page. All posts on Agile Delivery reside here. 

Toby JohnsonThe Founding 100
Product Zealot @ ParkMobile, LLC

MVP Releases and Dev Leads

How do you convince dev leads to release an MVP with a user experience suited for 90% of the users, and manage edge cases post-launch after looking at analytics?

It is a tough question because it really depends on who... (More)

Weiting Bollu The Founding 100
Senior Product Manager @Assurance IQ

According to Scrum, it says I should estimate every ticket. Should I ask our developers to estimate all the tickets in the next sprint?

I've experienced sprints from 1, 2, to 3 weeks in length, with ~5 developers and possibly a Quality Assurance (QA) team member on board. Sometimes onshore teams and sometimes offshore teams.

When done well, estimations can benefit the team in... (More)