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Start up life & product experimentation? Is it possible?

I've had the unique opportunity to transition from a CEO led product organization to a product led organization.

This came with several challenges. When we were a CEO led organization we were tackling our first ideas and they were not... (More)

Weiting Bollu The Founding 100
Senior Product Manager @Assurance IQ

Experimentation with User Personality Quizzes!

At Assurance, we're trying to understand what makes an insurance agent "great". We had so many questions - many of which were philosophical.

  • Can any agent learn to be great?
  • Do great agents do different things on calls compared to... (More)

Seriously? How can you make product decisions without supporting evidence?

When you need to make decisions about your product, inevitably you will be spending your, and likely other people's time and effort. This can feel time consuming and stressful. As a result, you may feel like taking short cuts and... (More)