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Product Discovery
Product Discovery

Welcome to the Product Discovery page. All posts on Product Discovery reside here.Β 

Great topic! Couple of thoughts on techniques in addition to asking the open ended questions.

1. Talk to your "non-customers" in addition to your customers... there is usually an alternative, so why are they not your customers? Try to unpack... (More)

Great topic @Stephen Ippolito7. Always ask open-ended questions. I like asking how questions instead of why because it's easier to disarm people with. Why depends on context as it can make people defensive.

I learned from one of ElizΓ©... (More)

One that hasn't been mentioned in the answers yet that I constantly ask myself is, What am I missing, not aware of, or wrong about?

I try to pressure test my assumptions and think about what adjacent elements (e.g., markets,... (More)

Adding to what @Eric Iwashita 8 already said, I love asking "how and why" questions to uncover needs and pain points. Instead of asking "Do you use Twitter" asking instead, "How do you use Twitter".

@Stephen Ippolito8 - I also find... (More)