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Product Discovery
Product Discovery

Welcome to the Product Discovery page. All posts on Product Discovery reside here. 

Weiting Bollu The Founding 100
Senior Product Manager @Assurance IQ
Product Leaders, I'm curious about your Product Design group. My organization is going to be growing our Product Design organization and I have some questions on my mind: - How small/large is your Product/UX Design team in comparison to Engineering... (More)
Niral PatelThe Founding 100
Staff Product Manager @ HealthJoy
I’m interested in any advice, links, books recs on helping product managers prioritize discovery work. My team consistently gets bogs down with delivery questions and follow ups, triaging production issues-and-bugs, heavy stakeholder communication and more. That makes it hard for... (More)

Great topic! Couple of thoughts on techniques in addition to asking the open ended questions.

1. Talk to your "non-customers" in addition to your customers... there is usually an alternative, so why are they not your customers? Try to unpack... (More)

Great topic @Stephen Ippolito26. Always ask open-ended questions. I like asking how questions instead of why because it's easier to disarm people with. Why depends on context as it can make people defensive.

I learned from one of Elizé... (More)