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Retention & Engagement
Retention & Engagement

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Just started a product community across an entire line of business in a bank ๐Ÿ˜œ. Any pointers to keep everyone engaged? We're trying this out for 6 months and testing the hypothesis that creating a community will empower product professional... (More)
In SaaS world, using adoption is one of the ways to track retention. In a "pay as you consume" model in AWS Marketplace, what are some of the metrics that you can use to identify if the customer is going... (More)
Toby JohnsonThe Founding 100
Product Zealot @ ParkMobile, LLC

Finding Your Key Value Metric

What is a Key Value Metric?

To baseline, I'm using the term "Key Value Metric" here to mean the ONE THING your user does that makes them the MOST LIKELY to continue to use your product. For example, Facebook's Key... (More)

Happy Lent, Passover and Holi to those who celebrate!

I personally know much more about Holi. Holi is celebrated in India and recognized as the festival of colours. It's also celebrated in many parts of the world by lots of people. It welcomes diversity and inclusion, celebrates victory over... (More)