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Agile Delivery
Agile Delivery

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Filip Reese
Group Product Manager
Who writes user stories on your team? Depending on the team structure, product, and the nature of the work, the role that does the work of authoring user stories seems to vary a lot from company to company and team... (More)
Developing Product teams with the right support Hi everyone! Happy Thursday evening to you all. I have a dilemma as a people manager in Product. Overview: - 6-month squad recently changed from Kanban to Scrum. - Members include Developers, Designers,... (More)
Niral PatelThe Founding 100
Staff Product Manager @ HealthJoy
I’m interested in any advice, links, books recs on helping product managers prioritize discovery work. My team consistently gets bogs down with delivery questions and follow ups, triaging production issues-and-bugs, heavy stakeholder communication and more. That makes it hard for... (More)
Toby JohnsonThe Founding 100
Product Zealot @ ParkMobile, LLC

MVP Releases and Dev Leads

How do you convince dev leads to release an MVP with a user experience suited for 90% of the users, and manage edge cases post-launch after looking at analytics?

It is a tough question because it really depends on who... (More)